UPDATE 1. 9. 2021! The Czech Republic is the 4th least Covid infected EU country at present, making it one of the safest countries in Europe! If you are vaccinated, then don’t worry and come to the Institute! There is NO need for any testing either before or in the Czech Republic or quarantine for EU+ and UK citizens.


Conveners: RI Directors Katerina Kotsali-Papadimitriou (Zone 21) and Virpi Honkala (Zones 17&18), and RI Director Urs Klemm (Zones 15&16, 20B, 13Bpart) invite you to:

Multi-zone Training & Institute 14th -19th September 2021

In person event at Prague Congress Centre!

A multi-zone Institute will take place 14th – 19th September 2021 in Prague with Rotarian Leaders and Rotarians from 8 European Zones, from over 104 districts!


  • 21A&B: Central, Southern Europe, Turkey, Greece & E. Mediterranean (over 34 countries): 17 districts
  • 15&16: Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland: 18 districts
  • 17&18: Northern Europe: Scandinavia, Baltics, Russia & Poland: 30 Districts
  • 19&20A: Great Britain & Ireland [joining GETS/GNTS/Partners, and welcome also to the Institute!]: 25 districts
  • 20B: Netherlands and 2 Belgian Flemish Districts, D2130 & D2140, from 13B: 9 districts
  • 20C: Spain & Portugal: 5 districts


  • 14th eve – 16th Sept: GETS, GNTS, Partners Training
  • 16th Sept: Council on Legislation (COL) – district delegates – afternoon; Major Donors Dinner evening
  • 17th Sept: TRF Seminar-morning; Regional Coordinators Seminars-afternoon; Institute Opening Dinner in evening
  • 18th & 19th Sept midday: INSTITUTE & Saturday 18th Gala Dinner Evening

Registration open now!


NON-EU, or ‘third country’ Institute participants:
from Armenia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Bahrain, Nigeria, Kenya, India etc: We are working on a request to allow you to apply for a short stay visa, if required, and/or a special Covid 19 condition (a PCR test on arrival, at your cost, arranged for you at Prague Congress Centre) without self-isolation on arrival.

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The Rotary Multi-zone Institute in Prague was brought to you by:

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