TRF SEMINAR: Morning, Friday 17th September, 2021

Prague time: 8.30 – 12.30

Program coordinated by: RID Virpi Honkala

Moderators: Hans-Jürgen Leuchs, Sergio Aragón, Urs Herzog

08:30 – 10:15 Opening remarks: RID Virpi Honkala
  Keynote speech: RIP Shekhar Mehta
  Keynote speech: TRF Trustee Per Høyen
  Global Grants: RRFC Sergio Aragón
  Directed Gifts: E/MGA Hans-Jürgen Leuchs
  Polio Eradication: EPNZ Emma Groenen
  Questions & Comments  
10:15 – 10:45 Coffee Break  
10:45 – 12:30 Examples of successful projects:  
  Global Grants: RRFC Sergio Aragón
  • GG2099068:Healthy Women – Healthy Mother – Healthy Child Lithuania
    EPNZC Anette Løwert, RC Assens, PDG 2012-13, D1461

  • GG1743565:"Suicide Prevention Model and its Application In the Municipalities of Lithuania“
    Dr. Vygintas Grinis, RC Kaunas, PDG 2014-15, D1462

  • GG2097346:“Project of Grain Storage Hall in Baasneere, Burkina Faso"
    Dr. Luis Santos, RC Jávea, Spain; PDG 2017-18, D2203

  • GG2119973:“Bringing the ICU & Rosary Sisters’ Hospital, Beirut to life again after Beirut explosión”
    RC Jamil Mouawad, RC Zgharta Zawieh D2452; PDG Irena Brichta, RC Prague International D2240
  Impact of Major Gifts: E/MGA Hans-Jürgen Leuchs
  • Cooperation in Mother & Child Health in Uganda:
    EPNZC, PDG Urs Herzog, RC Allschwil-Regio Basel, D1980

  • Institute for Hydraulic Engineering, Delft:
    E/MGA, PDG Lies van Wijngaarden, RC Almere, D1570
  Polio Eradication:  
  EPNZC Urs Herzog, RC Allschwil-Regio Basel, D1980; EPNZC Emma Groenen, RC Zondhoven, D2140
  Questions & Comments, involving RRFCs, E/MGAs and EPNZCs  
12:30 – 13:30 Buffet lunch